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Graphic Section Rules

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PostJerriLeah7 on Sat 30 Jul 2016, 15:15

Requesting Graphics

--Do not request graphics from anyone through a private message. Support via PM is not allowed.
** Exception: When you have a request over a specific Gallery submission, you are allowed to PM the artist and request those specific image edits only.
--Members can complete requests, as well. Please do not repeatedly tag, harass, or PM designers and artists to complete your request. Be patient and respectful.
--Theme requests are not accepted.
--Do not bump a request thread more than one time every 24 hours.
--Use the graphic request layout when requesting graphics here. If you cannot fill out a field or find it irrelevant, please leave it blank or use "N/A."

Requesting Layout:

[b]Request Type:[/b]
[b]Desired Colors:[/b]
[b]Size (In Pixels):[/b]
[b]Image(s) to Include:[/b]
[b]Preferred Font:[/b]
[b]Request Details:[/b]

Request Type: What are you requesting--banner, ranks, buttons, etc.?
Website: What website is this for? We need to match with your theme!
Desired Colors: What colors do you want used? Primary and secondary choices.
Size (In Pixels): Width (in pixels) X Height (in pixels). You can also post an image here for a sizing reference.
Image(s) to Include:What (if any) images or renders would you like added?
Text: What (if any) text would like to be added?
Preferred Font: Do you have a specific font in mind?
Request Details: Please add as many details of your request for the artist to ensure satisfaction.

Declined Requests:
The reason why your request is declined should be posted by the designer--if this reason is not posted, feel free to ask the designer in a private message. Reasons why a request would be declined are below.

--No layout used.
--Requester is rude.
--Requester changes removes/switches the images after it is made too frequently and too soon.
--The graphic request is too vague or too large.
--Your site is illegal.

The Gallery

Our gallery is an area where anyone can submit their creations (in the proper category) for others to use. These images are free to use images only--if you wish to share your art, but do not give the permission for others to use it, you do not need to submit them here. Please, feel free to look around and search for possible images for your forums.

When a submission is posted, you are also more than welcome to comment on the creation(s). Feedback is always welcome, so long as it is respectful and proper. This means you should provide either only positive feedback or both positive and negative feedback. Be encouraging and of course, if you can, give our creators tips so that we can improve together and learn from each other.

Submission Removal:
Gallery submissions are expected to be in good quality, legible, decently sized for their purpose, and original. Any gallery submissions can and will be removed by designers if it is deemed necessary. Reasons why your images may be removed from the gallery are listed below.

--Your images are not your own. (Plagiarism and image generator sites are not tolerated.)
--They contain illicit content. (NSFW Content, inappropriate language, etc.)
--No creation file or blank version is provided. (Blank version preferred.)
--Images are way to large or too blurry in quality.
--Images become unavailable and cannot be viewed or used.
Title :
Scorpion Queen
Gender : Female
Age : 27
Posts : 366
Points : 1053
Reputation : 198
Language : English, Sign Language
Browser : Browser : Mozilla Firefox Forum Version : Forum Version : phpBB3
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PostJerriLeah7 on Sun 18 Sep 2016, 18:51

Special Note:
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

If you'd like me to comment/rate on a gallery submission or would like to request an official art critique, you just have to tag me in a post in your submission's thread and I will be more than happy to do so as soon as I have time!

I will make an effort to comment on anything, regardless, but sometimes, I miss new posts or I get busy. All designers on our team will/should find time to give occasional critiques when we can, so that we can all improve together!

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