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Change The Overall Font Family of Your Forum

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Ange Tuteur
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PostAnge Tuteur on Fri 16 Aug 2013, 14:04

The following tutorial will help you with changing the overall font family of your forum. To achieve this we will be making use of the wildcard* selector and !important to override basic styles if desired. Please read on if you're interested in changing the font family of your forum.

Selecting Font Family
Before getting anywhere we should first select multiple fonts to be used on our forum. The reason we have to choose multiple fonts is because we need a fallback for browsers/operating systems to ensure compatibility. If the browser does not support the first font in line it will try the next one until it finds a font that it can use, its best to end with a generic font family to make sure that your forum is always readable. I recommend choosing a set of fonts from CSS Font Stack to make it easier on yourself if you're not experienced with CSS.

Setting Forum Font Family
Now that we have an Idea of what font family we will be using for our forum we will begin setting up our CSS code. The CSS below is an example of what your font family code should look like.
font-family: Papyrus, fantasy, sans-serif;

If Papyrus is not available the browser will fallback on fantasy and if fantasy is not available the browser will fallback on sans-serif. The above code will only modify elements without basic font-family styles, if you want to give your code more weight so it can override basic styles you will place !important at the end of your property value like the code I've setup below.
font-family: Papyrus, fantasy, sans-serif !important;

I do not recommend using !important if you want to use other fonts on your forum. Anyhow once you have your font family code setup navigate your way to..
Admin Panel > Display > Pictures and Colors > Colors > CSS stylesheet

Then paste your font family code in the stylesheet and hit submit. If you have done the recent steps correctly then most of your forums font family should be changed, or if you used !important your entire forum font family should be changed. I do not recommend using the wildcard selector at all for everything you do in CSS however, its perfect for quickly changing the font of your forum without using multiple selectors.

Thank you for reading and have fun tinkering with the font family of your forum. ^^

Tutorial written by Ange Tuteur

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